A Painful-Joy Experience Near Borders


April, 26th 2013

Today I, along with some of my best friends from Scotland, Egypt, and Tunis, knew what painful joy could mean.

Through our tour, two places I “like” the most; the former is Young Journalist Radio Station. I just fully appreciated how the whole place is led by children under 15; the latter is when we went together to what-so-called Israeli borders (the green line). That moment I saw many guys who are only 10 square meters far from the Israeli tanks. They spoke directly with soldiers and their innocent voices spoke up and told everyone around that Palestine is our land and one day we will be free.

One of the Zionist soldiers did not like what the 17-year old child said about his own country. He got nervous. He took his gun and shot him in his leg. I was about to go where the kid is fallen down after being shot to shout on the soldier’s face and repeated the same sentence he has said. “Palestine will be free.” I am sad. I can’t be sadder. Yet, those heroes gave me indescribable strength. They are still teaching me life.

#اليوم كنت ع حدود #جباليا مع وفد اسكتلندى وكان فى مجموعة مواطنين وفجأة #جندى اطلق النار على شاب #فلسطينى برجله أمام عيونا.. #يوم_دامى بس حلو

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