The Story of Maysara Abu Hamdiya


Maysara Abu Hamdiya, a 64-year-old Palestinian detainee from Hebron, is sentenced to life imprisonment in Israeli jails. As a result of the torture he was subjected to during his detention, he is currently suffering cancer and his condition is worsening very quickly. The Israeli prison administration started providing him chemotherapy after he was diagnosed as suffering from laryngeal cancer.

Abu Hamdiya has been arrested several times in the period between 1969-1975. His current detention has been since 2002. The Israeli Prison Forces has deliberately refused to give him the necessary treatment, which has aggravated his health.

In an interview with Ahmed Abu Taha, the Head of Kaser Al-Qeed Organization, he said, “Abu Hamdiya is in an urgent need for the immediate release to be able to continue his treatment abroad.” He asserted that the continuation of his detention will aggravate his serious illness.
“He is suffering from stomach ulcer and high blood pressure and swelling in the neck area and inflation in the thyroid gland. He is also subjected to medical negligence deliberately and he might lose his life in any time.” Abu Taha added.

Human Rights Institutions also demanded the immediate release of Abu Hamdiya to enable him receive proper treatment. Moreover, Minister of detainees and ex-detainees, Dr. Attallah Abu Subbah, appealed to all free people of the world to immediately intervene to save the life of the Maysara, especially after the deterioration of his health.

A week ago, Maysara’s lawyer visited him in Eshel prison where he has been held and she was told that the prisoner could not come for the visit due to his difficult condition. ”After an hour of waiting, Maysara came to the visit with the help of another prisoner.” She added that Abu Hamdiya could not sit upright and had his head lowered all the time. He could not speak either. She added, “The prison administration only offered him sedatives medicine. He was once taken to Soroka hospital, which is described as a very painful trip by prisoner themselves.”

It is worth mentioning that Samer Issawi is also a Palestinian detainee from Jerusalem. He is on hunger strike for more than 255 days and there is no charge against him.


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  2. So he dies now 😦

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