The World’s Message.. Some are Still on Hunger Strike Since Yesterday!

Don Bryant from USA said, “I joined the Mass Fast and about to call President Obama at 202.456.1111, my Ohio senators’ offices and my new congressional rep. to urge them to pressure the Israeli state to release political prisoners and cease the practice of arbitrary arrest and indefinite detention. I won’t be driving to D.C. today, afterall. Stay strong, Free Palestine!”

Sherri Munnerlyn said, I started a discussion on this discussion board about Samer Issawi. Anyone want to join the discussion, please do so. 593 posts, 6045 views of the post, so far, and 40 pages of posts.

THE least you can do to support Palestinian hunger strikers is to Retweet and SIGN this petition … #GlobalHungerStrike

Aalish Yashab said, “Today i also start hunger strike fr solidarity with prisonesr. Samer issawi i m with u as a hunger.  striker.  Ya we keep it going, we want feel the pain of prisoners.”

Sherri added minutes ago, “I guess most have ended their hunger strike, I have not yet. I remember once I was thinking about what comes next after one of the prisoners was released last year and realized it is not over at all because thousands remain unlawfully detained. And I had this vision of hunger strike after hunger strike, just different persons picking up the banner. You say you called a hunger strike 7 hours ago, what if another starts a hunger strike when you end yours and we keep it going, like a candle that has been lit and we never let the light be extinquished til all the prisoners are free?”



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  1. Thank You.

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