Urgent, Sign Now “http://wh.gov/Umf5”


Please (we need 25000 signature within a few days) to save Samer Issawi’s life

Go to the link above, sign it, then share and ask your friends to do it as soon as possible. If this succeeds, it will be one of the most important ways to spread awareness of Samers plight and increase chances of his release.

Go straight to the petition:


Do not be put off by the procedures. You have to initially sign up with the White House before you can sign the petition but it literally takes a minute of your time.

Samer needs you all. If the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) succeeds in killing Samer, it would be only a result of people not acting in time to rescue him.  Please do not kill this soul by your ignorance of his issue. Don’t allow injustice to overcome. You can all help him. The least that can be done is simply signing the petition, contributing to the 25000 needed by Febuary 2nd. The White House must not be complicit in Samers death, they have the power to pressure Israel into releasing Samer Issawi.


WATCH: Samer being tortured in the Israeli Court in front of his parents:



Samer Issawi, previously sentenced to 30 years by the Israeli Government in 2002, was released after 11 years in the Shalit prisoner swap deal. Just after 8 months, he was captured again under no solid ground. Samer is currently in a very critical condition due to an acute vitamin B-12 deficiency. Yet, to make his voice heard, he had to go under a hunger strike of more than 155 days till present, entering history as the longest serving detained hunger striker. Currently, he is suffering problems with his nerves and muscles – losing control of his limbs.

Furthermore, he is experiencing problems with his vision and is a continuous victim of extreme torture. Samer has dozens of bruises all over the body and vomits blood. On December 9th, he lost consciousness for 48 hours after being given ‘medicine’. This is clear breach on international laws and violates fundamental human rights.

WATCH: “A call from Samer’s family”


Only imagine that you are in a silent void filled with your own fears and pain, in a deafening silence. You wait for somebody to arrive, but nobody, not even your loved ones are allowed to visit you. The only human contact is with the guards who are the lords and masters of every minute in your day. It is grave for the living where fears unfold.

You have nightmares about your place in the world being taken away. And no reason is given for your detention, with no process outlined for your release. You are made to feel you have no rights – your values raped incessantly.

And consider going without food… not just for the evening, but for days, weeks and months. And what you can imagine does not even near the reality of what the prisoners are feeling.

But establishing a simple connection between you and the prisoners provides unquestionable power and resilience over their misery.

It’s now been over five months since Samer consumed a morsel of food. He is not but a human calling you to stand by him. Think of him as if he was your brother or son. He needs every bit of your support. His detention is unjust and illegal, just like the occupation is. His demands are legitimate and just. Thus, he will not withdraw from the battle for freedom, waiting for either victory and freedom – or martyrdom.

This is a message to those who have hearts, to those who belong to humanity, to the free world – save Issawi before it is too late!


2 responses to “Urgent, Sign Now “http://wh.gov/Umf5”

  1. Humairah Mohamed

    Do something!!!

  2. The Israeli occupation of the West Bank, siege of Gaza, unlawful imprisonment and slaughter of the Palestinian people must end. As a civilized nation rooted in the principles of liberty and justice for all, we can not idly stand by and watch these horrific atrocities. Please USA lets show the world that we really are the best country in the world! Lets take a stand against injustice!

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