Samer Calling You

I have written an article about Samer Issawi in Dec 17th;

On Sunday I phoned his sister Shireen. “Save Samer, he is dying,” was the first thing she said. Samer had gone without food for 138 days. “The last news we got was on 14 December when the Israeli occupation court refused to release Samer on bail. I have received news from different sources indicating that my brother has recently started suffering from severe pain in all of his body especially in his muscles, abdomen and kidneys. “He has an acute vitamin B-12 deficiency. His body has begun to eat his muscles and nerves. It seems he has lost the control of his limbs as a result of malfunction of the nerves. His vision is frail as a result of fainting four to five times a day and his body is covered with bruises. He is vomiting blood, his heart is weakening and he can barely breathe.” I asked Shireen: “When have you seen your brother?” “Like a skeleton” “No one has met or spoken to him since his current arrest. I have seen him on Thursday [13 December] when he appeared in court. He looked like a skeleton sitting in a wheelchair, and he can’t move or walk. My brother was put in the slaughterhouse of Ramleh Prison Hospital during his first month of the strike. A month later he was put in a small cell as a punishment. He suffered the solitary confinement in a two-meter square room, meant to pressure him to end his strike.” “Where is he now?” I asked. “He is still in a small dark room in Assaf Harofeh hospital. He is kept in isolation; no one can see him, not even his loved ones. The only human contact he has is the guards, who misleadingly wear white uniforms. His legs are tied with shackles that look even bigger now against his tiny skeleton.” Loss of consciousness Shireen spoke of how her brother lost consciousness seconds after being given a medicine by the Israeli prison authorities on 9 December. It was two days before he regained consciousness. “There is no doubt that they want to kill him,” Shireen said. Samer Issawi wrote a letter about the incident, which was translated and published by the Ahrar Center, a prisoner rights group, on 12 December. “I take B-12 injections because I have damage to my nervous system and I have pains in my eyes, nerves, abdomen, hands and muscles,” he wrote. “And I can’t stand. They told me that they will give me an injection weekly in order to help my nervous system. My pain in my kidney and hands is increasing. The pain in my head is like the electrical shock and I have continuous diarrhea due to the fluids they give me in hospital. I have blood in my urine twice a week. “They put me in an isolated room in the hospital with plastic doors so that they can’t hear me when I call them. I accepted to take fluids and vitamins because the intelligence promised me that my file is 80 percent finished. On Wednesday, they gave me a medicine. I slept for two days. After two days I found myself on the ground.” I also phoned Samer’s father, Tareq, on Sunday. Our conversation focused on the effects that Samer’s hunger strike is having on his mother. “Her condition is worsening each day,” Tareq said. “She was shocked and kept looking at her son’s face when she attended the court hearing on Thursday. She could not endure seeing her son losing more than half of his weight. She screamed at the judge’s face, ‘Your apartheid regime is illegal and we do not recognize it. Samer will be released, whether you want it or not.’ I do not know how to describe this, but my wife is just a mother with a heart. “Her physical and psychological condition is now more at risk than ever. She cannot endure seeing her own son dying. She spends most of her day at hospitals and every single moment, she repeats the same plea: ‘can’t anybody help my son to be free and to live?’”

Today Dec 26th, I have phoned Samer’s mother whose sound is very sad and about to burst in tears. On one sentences she said, “Samer is now on his last days or even hours. If we do not take a quick action, he will die!” I could sense how unbearable for a mother to lose one part of her flesh. Only put your self in her situation and you will know what I mean. If his situation before 10 days is as mentioned above then how it will be tomorrow?

Only imagine that you are put in my brother’s position going with no food for more than four complete months. He is not but a human calling you all to stand by him. Think of him as if he was your brother or son. He needs every bit of your support. His detention is unjust and illegal, just like the occupation is. His demands are legitimate and just. Thus He will not withdraw from the battle for freedom, waiting for either victory and freedom – or martyrdom. It is a message to those who have hearts, to those who belong to humanity, to the free world – save Issawi before it is too late.


11 responses to “Samer Calling You

  1. ( Annisau -75)
    What has come upon u tat u fight not in ta cause of God &4 ta oppressed men , women,& children ; who pray : “Get us out of this city O Lord whose people r oppressors ;so send ur a friend by ur will& send us a helper

  2. How can i help u my brother.. I want help u more than anything but i dont have big power to fight! I ll send u much do’a in every my pray..

    • As not all people are fully aware of Samer Issawi’s situation, we are launching a campaign to help spreading his plight. I have just talked with Samer’s mother whose sound is very sad and about to burst in tears. What can we do now is to write and help in spreading his updates in as many languages as we can. You pen is a sword that works and even have a greater responsibility than any kind of tools. Start now and attempt to reach as many international websites as you can. We have written in Mondowesis and Electronic Intifada. Today, we are going to contact the Guardian. You all can do this. Please don’t hesitate and start now.

  3. ya Allah ya reb pls save our bros and sis in palestine nd in all contients who r muslims nd needy justice nd freedom. Pls punish those who r suffering muslims in all continents

    “The Stream” has just asked, “What stories are you following today? What’s making news where you are?”
    Please go and suggest “Samer Issawi’s issue”.

  5. Another easy but could be a really HELPFUL way to help Samer Issawi! This is what I’ve just done to spread Issawi’s issue. You can do the same. Please, act now. My friend, Sherri Munnerly, emailed this to members of the US Congress and the EU and her President and Hanna Swaid (

    Dear MK Hanna Swaid,

    I am very concerned about the safety and welfare of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel under administrative detentions who are on hunger strikes, in particular five prisoners who have been identified by Addameer as facing imminent death, Ayman Sharawna (182 days), Samer Issawi (151 days), Yousef Yassin (32 days), Jafar Azzidine (32 days) and Tarek Qa’adan (32 days),

    The administrative detention Israel is holding Palestinian prisoners under, that include the five prisoners named above, violate international treaties Israel is bound to which internationally recognize rights to a fair trial for detainees and prisoners, to include the Fourth Geneva Convention and Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    Evidence heard in secret, which provides neither the defendant nor his attorney being allowed to examine the evidence or challenge it, violates the requirements of international law that mandate fair legal proceedings and due process in detentions of prisoners. These detentions are war crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    I urge you to ensure Israel abides by her obligations under international law and call on the Israeli authorities to release these five detainees in imminent danger of death, as well as all other Palestinians in administrative detention, unless they are promptly charged with internationally recognizable criminal offenses and brought to trial in proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.

    I urge you to ensure the immediate transfer of Ayman Sharawna and Samer Issawi and other detainees on prolonged hunger strikes to a fully-equipped hospital so they can receive specialized medical care.

    I urge you to ensure that all detainees on hunger strike are allowed regular, private access to independent doctors, families and lawyers, treated humanely, and not punished in any way for their hunger strike, as Samer Issiwa was recently, as he and his family were attacked and beaten by Occupying soldiers when he was transported for a court appearance.

    I urge you to end the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of administrative detainees, such as shackling detainees on prolonged hunger strike, that the human rights organizations and NGO’s are reporting Israel is engaging in.

    I urge you to ensure Israel abides by her obligations under international law and deals humanely with Palestinian prisoners she holds captive and in detention.


    Malaka Mohammed

  6. Another good way to support the hunger strikers’ families. Try to phone them and say, “we are with your sons supporting them on their battles to reach their freedom!”
    Even if you can’t speak Arabic. Try to learn “how to say hello and I am in solidarity with Samer or Jafar Izzdeen..”. I am sure that the families will get the message. You call them from a long distance and pay much money just to say these words.

    Samer Issawi’s family(inside Palestine)

    Samer Issawi’s family (From outside Palestine)

    Samer Issawi’s relatives

    Jafar Izzdeen’s family

    Tariq Ka’dan’s family

    Tarik and Ja’far are been on strike for 35 days (administrative detainees too)

    Make sure that your call will make a difference.

  7. Workers from the Israeli West Jerusalem Municipality Tuesday demolished a Palestinian home for Issawi’s brother in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawieh under the pretext it was built without a permit, according to the house owner.

  8. Please join us in Monday Mass Hunger Strike to support the Palestinian Detainees in the Israeli Jails especially Samer Issawi

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