A Winner of Operation Cast Lead & Pillar of Cloud

Captured by Samuel Hardy (25-11-2012) in London while 15000 were marching to protest against what happened in Gaza

The ceasefire deal was announced  in Cairo last Wednesday night after many killed including children, women, and elderly – the youngest aged 11 months and the oldest 82 years age. My house was damaged and most of my windows are now broken. One of the rockets’ shrapnel hit my room’s door, only 1 meter away from me. I am alive. Could not believe that for five days

I had a dream. The dream had me too. There was chaos. People were running. I could not make it whether they were happy or unhappy. There was wreckage everywhere. Hundreds of lives have been lost and buildings lay in ruins. Stream of blood. Countless things seemed to be bad. Yet we can not judge the book by its cover. Still in the dream setting. He came to me. Thomas Hardy was he. I saw him with my own eyes. “Gaza is up; drone is down; F16 also; Apache too. A Day with no more bombardments, no more blood, no more death, and no more fear. A Day of triumph.” I said. “Calm fell. From Heaven distilled a clemency; There was peace on earth, and silence in the sky; Some could, some could not, shake off misery: The Sinister Spirit sneered: ‘It had to be!’ And again the Spirit of Pity whispered, ‘Why?’ he replied triumphantly. “Calm fell from Heaven to Heaven. From down to up. From there to Gaza”. I screamed. Hardy smiled. We have been heard all over the world which commenced chanting, “Free Free Palestine”

I just cannot believe that I slept all nights long without waking up for a wink. The ugly game is paused. Life is back to new normal days after 8 abnormal ones. The nightmare and fear and cries have turned to tears of cheerfulness and pride. The attack has made us stronger, more determined to carry on resisting. Though Drones are still buzzing over heads, while Gazans are inspecting the huge damage to their homes and mourning their dead, life does not break us, we teach life. We woke up to teach the world life.

I joint the crowds marching outside, celebrating this glorious conquest that even looked more delightful with the fact that the blood of our dignified martyrs did not go in vain. Women, men, children and elderly people united in their voice. “Long live Palestine & Long live Resistance & down with Israel” were the major chants. The Palestinians are together again with one goal. For one Palestine! The people’s spirits got even higher. Green banners hoisted mingled with the yellow and the black and the red; the Palestinian flag was above them all. I spoke with many of them who inculcate that the Israeli regime will fall to the dump one day and we will celebrate the victory of liberation from the river to the Sea.

So Gaza won this round. Yet we cannot return to business as usual. For more than five years, we have been subject to a crippling siege, which has restricted what we can import or export. There are still restrictions on importing many important materials, such as cement. We need to re-build homes and water networks destroyed in the last two attacks. We need to repair sewage that usually floods Gaza streets. The world needs to be courageous enough to force Israel to lift the blockade, which devastates more than a million and a half of lives.


2 responses to “A Winner of Operation Cast Lead & Pillar of Cloud

  1. “My house was damaged and most of my windows are now broken. One of the rockets’ shrapnel hit my room’s door, only 1 meter away from me. I am alive. Could not believe that for two days”

    Allahu Ya Allah…
    Alhamdulillah.. Thanks Allah..
    You and your family are safe..

    • Thank you, Malaka and thank you Allah. A brave and beautiful people. Shame on those who have harmed you and tortured you.

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