20 hours with neither net connection nor electricity

(The situation in my region last night)

It has been more than two days without sleeping for a wink. Last night, I did not hear a bomb for around 15 minutes feeling this could be a cease-fire. I made up my mind to take a rest. Quickly. Seizing the opportunity, I went to sleep. I felt relaxed for 5 minutes. This was to some extent a relief! I have not even dreamed to sleep for one minute. Upon closing my eyes, a new missile targeted a land by my house! It was a very huge bomb that I felt my self shaking. My laptop was about to fall. Being forced to get up though I am still longing to sleep, I Looked into the targeted-land from my balcony and saw by my own eyes the fear of a 7-year-old child while running uncontrollably! I heard by my own ears my little sisters screaming. There was a long column of smolder and more than one ambulance plus nurses trying to get the causalities out of the heap

My little brothers were playing beside the land only 15 minutes before it has been targeted. Luckily, they were not hurt but three civilians were injured including a child and two elderly men. I did not sleep. I have not. Will I manage to in the next few days

I am now sitting with my family trying to calm my little sisters down. Currently, a new massive bombardment is hitting a place by my house and the electricity is cut off. No net connection either. Following the first bomb, another 10 continuously hit Gaza. Very huge noise. This situation has continued for 20 hours without stopping. For a moment, I thought, it will be a ground invasion. Many of my windows are now broken! The rockets’ shrapnels hit my room’s door, only 1 meter far from me

I need some rest. Whenever I manage to sleep, a new explosion along with indescribable sound comes


11 responses to “20 hours with neither net connection nor electricity

  1. May Allah Be With U Sista, We’re Making Prayers 4 Ya All Da Time. Wish I Could Do Better, But I Couldn’t 😥

  2. hopefully this will end soon inshAllah……May Allah sustain us in this critical period

  3. May Allah protect you and your family!
    Be strong Sister!

  4. Terrible ! I am thinking about you and your family too in prayer and thoughts. Hope you all will be safe ! I am just imagining how it must feel! Horrible. Many people in the world ate thinking about you all there now. Wished I could do more……stay safe I pray !

  5. Here in Brazil we are praying for people in Gaza !!! Be strong!!!!!

  6. my sister, my sister! may allah protect you and your family! throwing each bombs to hit palestine comes to the my heart. palestine is my heart. i’m from turkey, we pray for freedom of Palestine. Palestine will be free, we will make our prayer in Al-Aqsa together inşaallah. we love you with a love sincere.
    stay safe I always pray!

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