Today in Gaza

– A new bomb & my house starts shaking

– Urgent! There is a shortage in medicine in the hospitals and its running out of Blood. Those who have the ability to go and donate for our Injuries, do not hesitate

7:53 A New missile to the north of Gaza led to a martyr and lots of injuries

7:54 A New bomb just by my house and it is again shaking

7:55 another bomb but seems in my street

7:56 another missile

8:05 Around 30 has been injured including 10 children in the last attack on Tal Al Hawa to the west of Gaza.

8:22 Around 7 bombs together against the region where I live in

8:31 since 4 hours, more than 50 strikes, 7 martyrs killed, 47 injured. The Israeli terrorist army declares: “this operation will take about 72 hours”.

8:43 Israel has now begun to attack Gaza via sea, as navy warships fire upon Al Shatea refugee camp, resulting in several causalities

8:51 The Israeli Military warplanes “F16” are now hovering at low altitude to the east of Gaza.
8:52 A new rocket on the east of Gaza
9:00 more than 30 houses are being attacked and completely destroyed.
9:06 Another 4-month girl is killed before celebrating her 1st birthday.

10:18 A New missile is targeting my region. It was a very huge bomb that is even waken my little daughters up
10:35 a new attack on Rafah to the south of Gaza
10:40 Two huge explosions now in Al-Nusirat to the center of Gaza!
“Heba al Masharawi was three months pregnant. She was killed this evening in Gaza, along with her unborn child, by an Israeli airstrike. Lying in Gaza’s morgues with her tonight are three babies, who were killed at the ages of 11 months, 14 months and a year, and two girls aged four and seven. With half of Gaza’s population under the age of 18, their land under fire from air and sea, and a ground invasion imminent, the death toll of Palestinan children will continue to rise.”
“More bombs at each moment; from 2-3pm, more than 20 bombs were hitting different places in Gaza. What we can expect now is a war about to be waged against civilians i.e. more martyrs, injuries, & blood…
Within the last 7 hours, 10 have been killed including countless children such as 7-year-old child Ranan Arafat and an 11 month old baby. Charred bodies of dead and injured children and more than 70 air strikes all over the Gaza Strip so far. Deafening explosions shook us all..
We don’t know what the coming few minutes hold for us”
3:20 Now two huge bombs to the east of the Gaza Strip just where I live; all the doors and its windows were shacking!

8:00 a new bomb within every minute
2:50 The latest Israeli bombardment was against one of the press buildings to the center of Gaza! It is very bad to see our journalists and press broadcasters been targeted!

Until now, around 600 bombardments against Gaza!
47 martyrs & around 460 causalities. Within every minute, at least one explosion can be flagrantly heard.

6 responses to “Today in Gaza

  1. Hi, I am a dutch TV reporter from The Netherlands. Now in Gaza. Would like to interview you at your home. Please contact me (see twitter: @rgjournalist). Shukran! Stay safe

  2. Hi Malaka my freind
    I read your drscripton of the Hell-you and whoever stay under the sky of Gaza-must share
    with you
    Idont know what kind of people-most of mt people turn to-i do feel bad that i couldnt effect
    more people to open their eyes to the crimes-we all turn-responsible of
    i am very tired and very sad-it seems to me-that my gov try to sbottage any form of conection with Gaza-Its more than an hour i tried to shre your post on the face book-iwrote to you few times and like the screen disapear
    i hope that we can contact tomorow
    for what its help-my heart is with you

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