A Message from the Palestinians to People of Conscience to Boycott Batsheva

BDS is now an extremely important and a very helpful form of solidarity.

All over the world, Israeli regime attacks our poets, writers, actors, dancer & other artists for trying to celebrate Palestinian culture and prohibits us from showing it to the world while their dancers are touring the world, promoting what-so-called Israeli culture.

This video calls to boycott Batsheva, the dancing group that accepts Israeli regime funding and participates in ‘Brand Israel’, using culture to mask Israel’s crimes against us in Gaza and the Palestinians elsewhere and Israel’s many violations of international and humanitarian law. By doing this, Batsheva meets the criteria set out initially by PACBI for cultural boycott of Israeli regime.

We recognise that money paid to attend an event like this will only help reinforce the illusion of Brand Israel, the legitimacy and immunity they get means more of their bullets hitting more of our families. 

At the end, the activists sent a message, “We appeal to you from Gaza; to people of conscience; people who will not turn their backs on us; to all supporters of Palestinian rights; to attend the upcoming protests to boycott Batsheva. The world’s support gives us the sense of unity. We are no longer alone and we will never give up.”



2 responses to “A Message from the Palestinians to People of Conscience to Boycott Batsheva

  1. Well said, boycott Israel.

  2. Yes ! BDS
    Buddy you did a great job , thanks 🙂

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