The full moon telling me some tales


All over the world, Muslims have commenced the month of fast where they all stop eating from dawn to dusk, breaking their fast by Iftar (fast-breaking) meal where many kinds of food are available, for sure except in Gaza. Yet, it does not mean that we do not have enough food since we make the little availability a kind of cornucopia. Still, this is nothing when compared to our recipes.

I have been asked several times to write about my country’s issues excluding the political side which I still love to criticize. Therefore, I made up my mind to write about Ramadan in Gaza, but I am not sure if I will impose politics here too! I know that many are wandering why I am writing now. Is not it too late to discuss Ramadan in Gaza after more than two weeks of its commencement?

Frankly, this article was prepared around a week ago and I did not publish it awaiting for a new Gazan thing that may attract me to include it here. Unfortunately, no new events happened so I have to publish it with no changes.

The most prominent moments of my Ramadan day starts before Iftar.

Seeing children while rushing to mosques to recite the Holy Qur’an is one of the most interesting episodes inculcated in my mind . Thanks, my lovely Gazans children. You always remind me of my childhood helping me to be on the track. In another place, I can see Gazans while preparing food. Shops and markets are crowded. No place for cars and a little area for people to sell and buy.

When Iftar time comes to the shadow light, everything seems alike; time, place, speech and even faces. As usual, decorating our food dishes with kind of colourful candles always comes first. It seems that you like the candles as it is full of colours! However, do not you think that electricity can be varicolored?

After taking our Iftar, it is the time to go to a special prayer. When conducting this mass prayer gift “Taraweeh”, I feel of the Holy Month the most. High spirits fill the air and can be in every corner of masjids. After around 16hours of fast, Taraweeh helps me and my stomach too to be relaxed. 🙂 It is also a Breathtaking session when one sees men, women and children hurry to masjids, and all pray for all thanking Allah for being a Muslim.

Today, after praying and upon returning to my house, I saw a beautiful illuminating white lighted full moon. He told me tales and stories of my childhood and Ramadan after and before. Informing me that when being a child, I used to spend some Ramadan nights on my house’s roof waiting for the time when he becomes full exactly as I did minutes ago.

Thanks my lovely moon for giving me some of your precious time. Thanks for changing my mood and helping me to see a new incident in my beautiful Gaza.

After a long busy day, sleeping is always the pay.


12 responses to “The full moon telling me some tales

  1. Very eloquent Malaka, please keep writing.

  2. how lovely ^^
    i love the way you describe the atmosphere of Ramadan especially the moon ❤
    do you know that we are very lucky to be Muslims 😀
    Allhamdulellah 😀
    keep your good job Malaka 2 😛

    Malaka 😀

    • Malooka, thanks a lot for your kind soul.. Your words are too lovely 🙂
      So happy since you like my modest article^^

      You remind me of my university days where “Malaka1 and Malaka2” is always our issue lol..

      Malaka 🙂

  3. Tooba Hussam Zaqoot

    I liked the way you have depicted the true & sensuous picture of Ramadan nights n days, reminiscent about your childhood. Commendable job..!!

  4. Malaka..

    I like your articel about atmosphere of ramadan in Gaza..
    Feel like I in Gaza now :))
    But unfortunately i’m still in malaysia..
    Oh please stop dreaming.. LoL..

    In Malaysia, almost same the atmosphere of ramadan with Gaza.. In malaysia, we all fasting around 14hours..

    lets come to malaysia.. Hehe.. :p

  5. That is the sum-total of sawm in Ramadan, and in keeping Lailtul Qadr’s wll night vigil as in my tariqah that we will do on Sunday night. Until ALL Muslims are blessed with a right to live a normal life, have bread on their hand, no suffering, torture, not by the enemies but also by fellow so-called munafiq ‘muslims’ our prayers will only be granted if Allah wills it, we have to try harder and achieve this together without ourselves being divided. Ameen

    • Thanks Zarina for your great humanity..

      I hope Muslims can come and read your wonderful words.. Wish they will be together one day.. Ameen..
      Just a nice opportunity to know you, Zarina.
      Thanks in advance for your kind words :))

      Yours Sincerely,

  6. Are beautiful at all times
    It’s Gaza

    I liked your writing
    Very wonderful Words


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