A Message

With 8 sweet children;
A patient wife;
And kind parents,
He used to live unforgettable wonderful moments.

Still he lives among them;
Love is there mutual and reciprocal;
No matter how far their bodies are;
Hearts are strongly connected.

It was more than 8years ago,
When his story commenced;
Different events have been come
To the shadow light.

Putting in a dark miserable cell;
Alone he still is ;
Tasting all kinds of torments;
About to be blind and deaf!

Deprived of family visits for 8years,
He feels death
Each second
And thought.

Made up his mind,
Has started a battle named “To Be Or Not To Be”.

Still in love with life,
With his cute little children he has never seen since 2004.

His eldest daughter, Yasmeen, is always there;
Sometimes being alone in a sitting-tent;
Putting a black piece of cloth around her little eyes;
Showing her solidarity.

Noran is also Rekhawi’s daughter,
Leaving her house to join the tent;
Giving up her little toys too
In order to raise her father’s photo
and to send a massage of love and passion.

I heard her while saying, “Baba, come here,
I got an “A” in my school exams but I didn’t see you waiting there,
I went to my house but no one also there; no one gave me a gift;                    no one gave me a hug; no one said “congratulation on my great success;               why you don’t come to tell me so?”

She also said, “I bought many kinds of candy to bestow it for you when coming; I am now tall and my hair becomes as you wished very long;          at the moment, I am intertwining it behind my back; come and see me; I am now very beautiful.”

“Waking up and sleeping without seeing you baba brings tears to my eyes”

Noran can’t carry on telling me her touchy words,
Crying can be seen inside her small hearts and eyes.

Now engaged in a 104-day hunger strike,
and his family still waits for a serious support,
It is a massage to those who have hearts,
To those who belong to our great humanity,
Do a thing before death.

“Note/ after any sick detainee spends the two-thirds of his/her sentence period, it becomes a right to be freed regarding to “The Israeli Law”, consequently, Akram Rekhawi must be released as he ended 8years and some months of his total sentence, 9years.”


One response to “A Message

  1. As ever, Malaka, beautiful and moving.

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