Act Now!

It is the time to lose a hunger striker!


Yaa, it’s! Silence means a wretched death and waiting is a miserable death too!

Wondering why the whole world is still soundless, noiseless, and nothingness!

Isn’t it the dot to commence a new sentence and make international campaigns calling for their immediate unconditional release?

AKRAM RIKHAWI from Gaza was arrested by Israeli occupation forces in 2004 and sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment by a military court.

He has five little innocent daughters who haven’t seen him since his detention!

Akram has been held in a prison medical centre ever since, as he suffers from a mixture of chronic conditions, including diabetes, osteoporosis and asthma

Feeling of his wife and his little daughters when seeing us not doing a thing to help. Rikhawi launched his hunger strike on April 12th, demanding that his medical condition be considered during the discussion of his request for an earlier release. It is common in “Israeli prison laws” that every prisoner is entitled to ask to be considered for early release when at least two thirds of the sentence has been served. This is called “Shalashee Court” in “Israel

Rikhawi is now on his 78th day of hunger strike and on his 8th year on a continuous detention. “Israel” refused to release him although he did end the two thirds of his sentence before 2years! In other word, his detention is unlawful!! His daughters always ask to see him after 8years of no see. Isn’t it a terrorism to forbid their reunite

I always listen to his mother’s voice while calling for “a human” to release his son. She always tells me about her dream of hugging, kissing, or even hearing Akram’s lovely voice for a minute or even a second. She always says that more than 8years of illegal detention is no good; it is instead a symbol of the world’s weakness

Act Now

Daily, Akram’s eldest daughter spends her time sitting in a tent holding to support her father

Before days, she attempts to be in solidarity with her father in a distinguished way. Sitting on sand, she was putting a black piece of clothes around her little eyes and a huge chain around her small hands

When asking her “Why”, she responds, “I want to see my father, to see how he feels now, to bestow him some of my health and love, and to be in solidarity with him” She adds, “My father, I love you; please come back quicklysince I miss you a lot; I can’t live anymore without you”


.Akram is our brother thus it’s our duty to help him to be alive and free before it’s too late

Akram is now dying and living in a hospital cell. All human rights institutions visiting him before state that his death is now very very imminent

It is important to know that Akram is not alone in his strike since Samer Barq, from Hebron, to the north of Palestine, is also on hunger strike for 39th day asking for ending his unlawful detention. His health is also bad but stable. Besides, Hasan Safadi has an experience of a-77day on a continuous hunger strike. He ended his former strike after “Israeli Prison Forces” promised him to be released around two weeks ago. However, when his day of release came, he hadn’t been released! Consequently, he restarts his strike after his deal with the prison forces was breached! He is now on his 9th day with neither food nor water! Isn’t it a day to



.Free Free Rekhawi, Barq, and Safadi


4 responses to “Act Now!

  1. Keith moreton

    Well said Malaka.

  2. Ya Allah..

    Strong article sister..
    May Allah grant victory for the Mujahideen Rekhawi, Barq, and Safadi
    May Allah bless you too always..

    Our doa and support always for Palestin people…

  3. Thanks Anazahra..
    In sha’ Allah, he wlll be released sooner as the whole world starts to act seriously to save his life.. Still, he asks for more.. Ya Rab ^^

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