The battle of “dignity over food” has just scored a goal


Seizing this moment that I have never witnessed before, being at the peak of happiness, waiting for the next day, these are what come to my mind when hearing a piece of news I have waited for more than 94day

Feeling of such a moment in Gaza is always activated; no blocked at all

The electricity is now off but brightness and lightness will be on forever

I was chatting with my father about Sarsak minutes ago wondering if what we have heard about his release will come true or not. It was 6:30 pm when his release can be vividly sit at the table; radio channels commence stating the news more widely

Now, I have one friend named “Radio”; he is the only one I can listen to and he can listen to me as well


Hoping I can hear everything about Sarsak

 It is 7:00 pm when a correspondent starts saying “let me begin with a breaking news about Sarsak; he has just agreed on a deal that ends his strike; Mahmoud will be released on July 10th

When hearing this, I start crying and shouting babbling “Am I dreaming

“May be it is only a media game”

I am afraid; it could be wrong information; I have to confirm first

I begin phoning some journalists from Gaza to ask more about the deal. All confirm the news

It is the time to recharge my phone and tell all supporters from all over the world “Congratulation”. Your great efforts do help Sarsak to reach a victorious deal.

This minute is the best ever; it is when I hear Imad, Sarsak’s brother, confirms the news. This time I fly with joy and delight; I am now a bird filled with energy and power to lolilate or dance or keep seeing WOW.

Even my fb’s account seems beautiful not as I always see filled with colors of sadness and suffering!!

My account, now, it is the time to be pleased forever. Posting, “At last, Sarsak wins; Congratulation”.

My massage is for my friends especially in London. I have to thank you all on the behalf of Imad Sarsak. Although it was the longest and the most exhausted days we have spent in fb and twitter, it was the most beautiful days that we can’t forget especially when seeing Sarsak’s mother smiling. J

I am sure that many of the London campaigners haven’t sleep a wink for days thinking of ways to help Sarsak; I am also sure that many of the supporters’ accounts have been blocked

Today is really a date to remember

When seeing how my friends are pleased, I can say that I am at the highest spirit any one can be on

Around 94 days with neither water nor food is not at all easy, Sarsak lived in critical point for many days and he was about to die in other days.. We will never forget Sarsak’s steadfastness and heroism. The whole world is about to make the best festival at all after the battle of “dignity over food” has just scored a goal

Now, I can see how happy Om Mahmoud is; at last, she will hug, kiss, and listen to his own voice.. She will see him married and see his children playing around her

No more barriers

One of friends has just said “I am trembling with happiness… Can you say he is free one more time please?” Yes, he is free, free, then free, and free. J

All humans are with Sarsak. Hunger doesn’t kill him but increase his determination and persistence

I still remember the touchy words I love to post. This post is one of them, “Seeing him for a second before his imminent death, kissing, touching, hugging, listening, or even hearing him…” this is what Sarsak’s mother still asks for; Can’t any of you just helps her to achieve one of her hopes

It seems that we are in the last hours that determine Sarsak’s life; We may notice his death or his freedom; Free Free Mahmoud Sarsak”

All over the world, People are now chanting. A beautiful glow of the sky where Sarsak originally lives, Rafah now wears the clothes of contentment waiting for the Palestinian bride. Sweets are also being distributed everywhere

When calling Imad Sarsak, I tell him how happy all people are. He tells me to send many great thanks for all people helping his brother; he mentioned all the western countries where there were campaigns daily. Sarsak sends a special thank for Yael Khan after she organized many vigils and campaigns to help his brother

Note/ Akram Rekhawi and Samer Barq are still on ongoing hunger strike.. Also, Hasan Safadi restarts his hunger strike after “Israel Prison forces” renews his administrative detention again. Safadi did a strike for 71day to end his unlawful detention. He ended his strike after the prison force promised him of not renewing his detention again but it seems that breaching the deal will be on forever. Palestine needs people to end terrorism


6 responses to “The battle of “dignity over food” has just scored a goal

  1. Well said Malaka, and a big thank you to Yael.

  2. You just made me feel happy about his release again ! Well done ! perfectly said ! great outstanding job !

  3. I crying too… :((

  4. Anazahra, thank you my dear for following this..

    You know my dear when seeing Sarsak while hugging his mother for the first time since 2009, I started crying.. It was just wonderful moments bringing tears to my eyes.. Hope we can see Akram Rekhawi wins as we saw Mahmoud around a week ago..^^^

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