The World’s Best Football Player is on hunger strike for freedom


Ceaselessly, the Palestinians are looking for their freedom; every one uses his own peculiarity and mean. Among those is Mahmoud Sarsak.

We, from Palestine, need urgent steps to have Mahmoud Sarsak among us free and a live. Sarsak is still living as a victim of the Zionism. He is still detained without charge, indictment, conviction,reason, or trial, and has been administratively detained, labeled under the pretext of being “unlawful combatant” since that time. We don’t know if there is a lawful and an unlawful combatant! We don’t know if human rights institutions around the world agree on having a prisoner suffering on a critical healthy point! Why the world is still silent! Do we wait for his death!
After more than 83 day on aggregate without food or water, his death is “very imminent”! We don’t want to count or write down the types of illness he is suffering from since every inch of his body has a kind of malady and your campaigns and solidarity are his remedy.
The striker was detained before three years while he is on his way to join the national football team in Jenin, to the north of Palestine.
We highly appreciate the latest campaigns done in Britain and France in solidarity with him. Nevertheless, some countries still don’t know that there is someone called “Sarsak”!!
It is flagrant now since there is no charge against Sarsak that he is still detained because of being the best football player in Palestine. Indeed, the Zionist military forces yearn for killing our talents, persistence, and determination.
We need to resist.
Now, it is the time when our souls and hearts must be mutually connected to call for liberty; when life must be returned to the front and pain must be become happiness. We don’t like blood or hunger but we strike as we addict to life and love.

Now, it is the time to save life before witnessing death.
Now, it is the time to increase our campaigns and vigils to see him living.
Now, it is the time to catch the world’s attention towards him.
Now, it is the time to expose and to unmask the bad veil of Israeli brutality.
Now, it is the time to raise our heads and hands and stand together saying “Free Free Mahmoud Sarsak”

Please, do a thing even if it is little to help Sarsak on his legal strike.
We should also notice that the prisoner Akram Al-Rekhawi is on his 54th day on a continuous hunger strike calling for his liberty. He is also detained with no charge!

NOTE, many associations for prisoner support and human rights wrote some points and you can follow one of them to help Mahmoud Sarsak and other Palestinian detainees:
-Write to the Israeli authorities or embassies to call for Mahmoud’s immediate and unconditional release;
-Write to your own government and representatives to call on them to pressure Israel to release Mahmoud;
-Organize a vigil or a demonstration to call for Mahmoud’s release.


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