A Detainee at Risk: A Continuing Hunger and Speaking Strike

Upon looking for the wanted Palestinian future, suddenly a strong wind turned our faces to see another feature of a non-stop Israeli tyranny.

Incessantly, the Palestinians are looking for their determination; every one uses his own idiosyncrasy and mean. Among those is Sheikh Khader Adnan.

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It was Saturday 17 December 2011 at 3:00 am when IOF  troops used a human shield to arrest Sheikh Khader Adnan(36) accusing him of being a leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement plus having “a secret file” as IOF claimed. His home, in the village of Arrabah to the south of Jenin, was harshly raided then Adnan was arrested.
It is important to mention that Khader spent six years on aggregate in occupation jails before the current arrest.
Later than the arrest, Khader was instantaneously blindfolded and his hands were tied behind his back with plastic chains. Subsequently, the soldiers pushed him into a military jeep with sustained physical torture that continued for the ten minutes or the duration from Khader’s home until reaching Dutan settlement where Adnan sat first.
As Khader strongly believes in the power of silence, his only response was to say “NO” to the interrogator’s use of increasingly offensive speech. Even more, he did not react when “a soldier asked him about his name” as Khader’s wife said in a press interview on Al-Quds Local Radio. By this, Adnan has inculcated a fact that the Palestinian prisoner’s dignity is more invaluable than food.
After being violently under arrest, he has suffered injuries in his back and face. Afterwards, he was directly taken to Al-Jalameh interrogation center where he commenced a hunger and speaking strike. Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association reported that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) sentenced Adnan on his fourth day of interrogation in his cell to seven days of isolation in punishment because of his ongoing hunger strike. Moreover, the source also explained that Adnan was subject to cold treatment and conditions plus cockroaches filling his cell. In addition, to further punish him without being required to go to court, the IPS barred him from relatives’ visits for three months. Nevertheless, all above did not weaken the Sheikh’s fortitude; he declared from his cell that he is more powerful than any time else.
After 25 December, he refused any medical examinations that was one week after he stopped eating and speaking. Consequently, his great deeds drove prisons’ soldiers nut. The prison director came to speak to Khader, or to a certain extent intimidate him, commenting that he would “break him” sooner or later.
Throughout his ten days of interrogation, Khader was also subject to extra forms of mistreatment such as being enforced to sit in a crooked back chair with his hands tied behind his back, rendering into an extreme pain to his previously-injured back.
The physical condition of Khader Adnan during the second week of interrogation became even worse. It witnessed a difficult point and Stimulanously the non-stop Israeli humiliations were increasingly turned to be more awful. For instance, one interrogator “pulled his beard so hard that it ripped hair out”; the same interrogator also “took dirt from the bottom of his shoe and rubbed it on Khader’s mustache” as Addameer reported. Nonetheless, they couldn’t smash his dignity or even his strike which has being sustained even after the interrogation ended.
On 30 December 2011, Khader was removed to Ramleh prison hospital because of his worsening health from his hunger strike. In the “hospital”, he was placed in isolation where he was subject to miserable conditions and cockroaches. Also, a prison doctor has threatened to give him nutrition by force if he carries on resisting medical treatment. Adding to the nerve, there is many cameras in his cell to watch him at all times, and if he does not move at night, soldiers knock loudly on his door to awake him.
On 8 January 2012, at Ofer military court, Khader received a four-month administrative detention order based on “a secret file” which is not accessible to Khader or his lawyer therefore Khader doesn’t know how to defend himself against any possible charges. There, he was threatened by members of the Nahshon, a special intervention entity of the IPS known for mostly cruelty in their conduct with the Palestinian prisoners, who told Khader that “his head should be exploded” as Addameer reported.
Khader currently suffers from largely dizziness and fatigue. Besides, he has been refusing to add any vitamins or salt to his water. Also, he has been rejecting any medical examinations since 25 December. Hence salt with water is necessary to keep the stomach in safe and to prevent its rot.
Adnan’s administrative detention is unacceptable. To leave Khader and detainees like him with no legal means to protect them is a flagrant breach of human rights.
It is a blatant that every Palestinian is proved to a life of uncertainty even without committing what so-called “a crime” against what so-called “Israel”.
Helping Khader Adnan is our duty. We should be Khader Adnan since his hunger and speaking strike, which is until now incessant for thirty-eight days, is for the sake of the other Palestinian detainees who are suffering spectrum of ill-treatment not because of any thing but as they are the Palestinians.
At the end, it is not an end. Among the darkest places, a candle, only a candle, can scatter brightness.

NOTE, many associations for prisoner support and human rights wrote some points and you can follow one of them to help Khader Adnan and other Palestinian detainees:
-Write to the Israeli authorities to call for Khader’s immediate and unconditional release;
-Write to your own government and representatives to call on them to pressure Israel to release Khader;
-Organize a vigil or a demonstration to call for Khader’s release.


One response to “A Detainee at Risk: A Continuing Hunger and Speaking Strike

  1. In my point of view, all people around the world have to stand behind Khader Adnan and his steadfast hunger and speaking strike. All people should call for the freedom of Khader Adnan because his strike is for the sake of the other Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails

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