‘Twas the eve before Eid

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‘Twas  in Gaza..

Eid in Gaza, as the whole thing, is bizarre, and after all not anything here isn’t strange excluding the strangeness   itself.

In our day, Gazaeve is out of the ordinary in the east of Gazawhere I live, all people around me get ready for tomorrow’s day. In mosques, “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, i.e. Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest,… ” is flagrantly heard. Streets hold in its hearts children adhering its corners with some colored balloons, aesthetic catchy stuffs, plus wonderful Palestinian flags. Cars and busses call for Salat al-Fajr (the pre-sunrise prayer). After all, affability, sanguinity, buoyancy is in every inch of face. It is when Palestine and everything in between dance with joy.

A special delicate savor and fragrance glue with this recent Eid after applying the initial part of the Palestinian-Israeli swap deal which spread contentment far and wide even exterior Gaza.

Gaza Markets are not anymore single markets since an massive number of people come to purchase things for their relatives including clothes, toys, and some sweets.

With my friend, this day, I go get some ice cream at ‘Mr. Kathem’s’, (Gaza’s oldest ice cream parlor). I do feel the day of Eid especially when noticing children’s faces filled with glee.

While writing this file, ‘what what happened, a bomb! Where?Gaza?” “ Yes a martyr and 3 injuries in Khan Yunis, a city in the south ofGaza.”

Sound, music, nature is now sad and changed but people but not evermore.

The definition ofGaza, “People unwaveringly keep on”. Where I live, my neighbors embellish beside my house stunning adornments which now can be blatantly seen everywhere.

We don’t blink our eyes at the crime committed by ‘Israel’ before minutes but at the same time don’t forget that we are the Palestinian.. We are the community that defiance is on the top of his hobbies. It is only half an hour in which the local channels introduce the withstand, endurance, resistance music then gradually happiness and optimism Eid return back although this doesn’t mean that the latter goes far away firstly. One of the song’s phrase is as “nothing will terrify us even if many becomes martyrs”. This is Gaza, this is Palestine.

The enigma ofGazapuzzles everyone even some of her citizens so deeming that one martyr or more will cause kneeling or even raising white banners is absolutely wrong.

GaZa, my Home and my Beautiful City among the World… I Do Love You.


One response to “‘Twas the eve before Eid

  1. ‘Twas Palestine.. ‘Twas Gaza.. “Twas Resistance

    Gaza will be happy as usual though “Israel”

    We are proud of you Gazans


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