In the language of RESISTANCE,

In the name of Allah

In the language of RESISTANCE
1 = 1,027

Written in 18 oct. 2011,

The earth is great and beautiful waiting for its water and seed. The peak of happiness is in every look and face. I am sitting beside television, radio, and internet wondering if it will be like the day of Eid, more, or more more?
Still, I am waiting those who defy the Zionist black fate. Silently, I am listening to every sound in the radio and seeing every face waiting for detainees.
People in all over the world, except those who hate peace, freedom, and love, accept this swap part of exchange which will applied today for initial 477 Palestinian captives.
7:22am. Jerusalem Post points out that “the deal is worth it, despite the increase risk of terrorism.”
Also, one of the “Israeli” bloggers named “A Soldier Mother” wrote an article titled “Writing on the Eve of the Exchange” said, “I’m fine with living in a land that would trade 1,027 “terrorists” and “murders” to get back one Jewish soul. Am I afraid of future deals and more kidnapping and attacks-of course I am”.
The real picture of reality can be flagrantly shown in these two says, but still to some extent. Despite the arrogance of being a member in “Israeli” community, “A Soldier Mother”, as well as others beside her, arafraid and terrified of the covert future. I only mention this to show how these gangs lived in our historical Palestine now feel terrified and scared. It is absolutely new feelings that didn’t profound before but they will listen and see new unpredictable things from now on as this is the resistance pledge.
Again to the swap deal, it is 8:31am when the final preparation are taking place for the release of the “Israeli” soldier, Gilad Shalit, in return for the release of 1,027 Palestinian captives in an Egypt-brokered deal between Hamas and “Israel”.
I want to wish many happy returns to my friends once they are out of that ugly time. Doa’ Aljaiosy, my freed love, I really miss you. Hope I can kiss, hug, embrace, and hold you close. Wish every wall will smash to smithereens to touch your hands and your face which confront that frail army.
I can’t believe how Gaza is dancing at this moment. Long time to see happiness in Gaza! I am proud of you.
1027 of the hearts will, only after minutes, be among us.
1027 is not a number in “Israeli” fake jails but hearts and souls and even more.
Still I can’t imagine how the freed detainees will see their families after a long tiring journey that started before years. Will they know their families after the blatant change taking place in every inch of freed bodies but not minds or hearts?

I am desiring to see how Nael Albargoothy, after 34 years of arresting, will see Ramallah, if only could after this long period. I am thinking of her mother who had waited him and died before 5 years of now. How will he react when seeing everyone except his mom!
I listened to her mom before minutes in one of the radio channels narrating her story when visiting him the last time in his den, “I was very contented and satisfied. I stood between Nael and Fakri, Nael’s relative, looking at my son’s face. Then he kiss my head and hug me. After that, I said I am the most jubilant creature in the world”.
I am yearning to see how captive like Yahia Alsenwar, around 20 years in jails, will respond when seeing his only daughter becoming approximately 20 years even though the last time he saw her was before 15 years.
Birds will fly freely. Brides and glooms in a great wedding will see their land. Be free, be free as the wind, our detainees. Feel as no jail but land, no dim but air, no barriers but paths, no agony but love.
10:30am, the swap deal first phase will be applied after minutes since Shalit is taken by the Red cross and the Egyptian Intelligence Official. Simultaneously, many Palestinian freed detainees are entering en Rafah route crossing to Egypt in order to breathe and respire again.
Thanks to every Gazan who bears the blockade for the sake of this appreciated moment.
My heart is leaping up since I listen, see, and smell joy hovers over every home, house, and heart. The Palestinian further cements with each other, yellow-green and green-yellow flags held by captivates’ families belonging to all factions repeated the phrase” Wehda Watania”. “ Alkateeba”, a central place in Gaza, and “Almokata”, a central place in Ramallah, are also full of mingled colored flags. Many beautiful blaring music for fetch can be heard in everywhere.
12:00am, other detainees busses is now entering through Rafah crossroad toward the free land.
The first glance between captives and Palestine is out of description. They kneel and kiss the land thanking Allah for the great triumph. “Allah Akbar” can be heard in every lane of Gaza. Thousands are gathering in Salah Aldean street, one of the central road in Gaza, waiting to see the unseen and hear the unheard things.
Faces to faces and eyes to eyes in the season of love and happiness, I am now seeing what I can’t describe or even narrate.
It was a moment when everything is reunited. One of the detainees can’t believe seeing her mother and sitting in her hand like a child around 15 minutes hugging her then kissing her hands and face times and times.
One aged filling with energy is running like a youngster when noticing his son enters Gaza. He can’t do anything but holding him close.
Shalit is now appearing in the Egypt state TV correspondent. How motionless and afraid he seems to be. On the contrary, how the Palestinian freed detainees are all like lions strong and powerful.  Disparate black-white images although both were in Gaza but with different hearts and identities! Sorry even there is no identity for Shalit.
A moment of love and comfort will be engraved in our heart for ever.
I feel the approach of happiness. Palestine, I see your eyes filled with pride. Why not and your sons and daughters drag the Israeli nose down to the bottom. Detainees, you are our right and we will not blink our eyes at you. I can hear the sound of your footsteps, no more tiptoeing, no more scare. Alhamdo Lilah.
Netanyahu, listen and carefully, if you don’t see the Palestinian, if you don’t know them, what does it matter? Others will see them. The Palestinian stone will tie your neck sooner or later and time is running!
On the next day, three planes will be taking about 40 of the Palestinian captives to exile in Turkey, Syria and Qatar, since they won’t be allowed to return to their home after “Israel” regarded them as ”hazardous”.
Still 5,000 Palestinian detainees are in “Israeli” jails.
Many people around the world said that, “The prisoners will exit the prison to enter the prison”; they mean Gaza as a large prison. But don’t forget that Gaza is a free land at least by the tongue of the free captives.
One of the Palestinian detainees named Sha’ban Hasona is now saying, “We’ve been waiting so long. It’s an amazing mixed feelings since we leave other detainees in “Israeli” jails suffered and killed many times a day. We shall spare no efforts to liberate the rest. We urge all parties to abduct more soldiers to exchange them for the freedom of our loved ones who are still in jails.”
On the other side, Netanyahu said, “I know that the price was very expensive, but I was face with the responsibility of the prime minister of “Israel” to bring home every soldier sent to protect our citizens”.

I, as one of the Palestinians, has to say that Shalit will be “Shalits”, and if you don’t believe, you must see how all Gazans are now calling for other welcomed victorious deals.
Now, I could see a woman, I mean my love, Doa’ Aljaiosy, jumping with joy. Doa’ is finally hugging her mother!


5 responses to “In the language of RESISTANCE,

  1. Before around month, one foreigner wondered when I talked with her about Palestinian captives. Because of the well- built media in the west, many foreigner deem that “Israel” is the victim!…
    At the end, I wanna say thank for any one like you Malaka383. Thanks for any one attemping to help the Palestinian issue.

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  3. Just Like it a lot..
    I hope Palestine will get peace sooner..
    Thanks Malaka..

  4. great ……….. wish you the goodness …

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