Absence makes the heart grow fonder

In the name of Allah


Absence makes the heart grow fonder


One day it will be broken.

One day it will be put inside the magic bottle and be thrown deeply underground the sea.

One day I will see my family.

One day I will leave this ugly time.

One day I will see Gaza sea and washed my days.

One day night will scatter and morn will soon commence.

At Al Damon Prison.

I am Doa’ Aljaiosy.

Today is the tenth year for me in Israeli jails. Between two places, I have tortured; one of them is Hasharon and the other is Al Damon. I am arrested because of nothing but I just lovePalestine, love Palestinian, and am Palestinian like others who are still live with me  for the same reason as Ahlam, Khahera, Aisha, Linan, Worod, and others.


I am still in the mood to keep in mind how at 1 a.m, before ten years from now, there was a bizarre strong knock at my house. My family was still sleeping. When we heard the knock and the upheaval outside, we rapidly knew that there are Israeli soldiers. Other than they didn’t want us even to think or wake up so that they broke the door as they did and still do for numerous people around us. My father grumbled and said ”Oh damn! What do they want to do at that time, impudence!”


They were countless number of armed military inside and outside my house. They dressed their normal suit in scruffy shabby overcoats with high green color and woolen mitten. They held strange tools but I didn’t recognize anything except the m16 guns and the huge sticks. When I saw all of these frightened things, I think we kill some of their pegs!. 


Hurriedly hundreds of soldiers came and said ”Where is Doa”. My only brother, my father, and my mother stood like a well-built strong circle around me to guard me. They wanted to save me from the harm of these wild enormous animals. ”Where is your bag” the soldier yelled at me like a calf when he wants to kill its victim… He took my bag and threw out every thing from inside but there were nothing except my mobile plus some university papers.

” So what they want” I mutter to my self.

” Doa’ yalla Ma’na- come with us-” one of the soldiers said angrily in a high depressed tone.

My  brother refused and how he can accept to see her sister go out at that time and with whom, with Israeli armed forces. He said in one voice with my father ”NO! she will not go, it is 1 a.m”. May be Israeli don’t know what time means for us as Palestinian! Even if this cancer knows, nobody will say ”NO” and refuse the chaos he did and does to do what they want. As  a result of my family’s refusal, soldiers hit my father on his chest and until now he suffers. Also, they shot my brother on his spleen, left hand and one of his Kidney and they imprisoned him. Then they took me as nothing happened but just relax themselves of two Palestinian or three when I added my mother who is left in a bad sociological condition after she lost me and others. They shut the broken door after them!

My mom always kisses my photo. Needless to say that she can’t do any thing excluding this as she can’t kiss me or even touch my hand even while she sees me in the prison one time or less in two months or three since she can’t do any thing but cry. Why not and bands around my legs mingled with my red blood. My blood are her. If I feel bloody, she is like me.

She is always talking with me and I listened to her but unfortunately the soldier who stand on the door beside my small dirty sleepless room forbid this communicative channel.

She always says ” the candles are still lightened and brightened for you my lonely.. time disappears, happiness also, life too, but not your prison why! answer my lonely love, when you will leave and come to my lap, hug, embrace, kiss me.. why you don’t response to my tears..why” then silence follows.

The sky, the sea, andPalestinefor ever and a day call for me.

After ten years of being a prisoner, I am now more stronger than before. I replace the name of prisoner to the soldier and visa versa.  I am now a soldier instead of that ugly prisoner beside my door. I prison them all.

They don’t know that we don’t want food or even water. We can live a long time without these things. They must know that we will not die. Tell me how I should and all what we have around love and need us. Countless being out side and inside the prisons love me. Even Doa’ Loves me.


Doa’ Aljaiosy’s story






2 responses to “Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. Masha’ Allah


  2. Great !!!!

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